Welcome to the Bostoner Shul

Rav Naftali Horowitz, the Bostoner Rebbe, shlita

1710 Beacon Street

Brookline, Mass.




For the week beginning Sun 25 June 2017


The Rebbe, shlita, and the Congregation, extend ...

  • Refuah shelaymah wishes to our friends Mrs Tammi Faintuch, Miss Chava Sack, Mrs Leah Bressler, Mrs Sima Laufer, and Rebbetzin Sheva Wieder.
  • Tzeischem L'Shalom wishes to Dr Daniel Tzvi HaCohen and family.
  • Tzeischem L'Shalom wishes to Rabbi Zalman Krems and family on their Aliya to Eretz Yisrael.
  • Mazal Tov wishes to Chaim Yehuda and Miriam Hollander on their marriage, and to their parents Dr Yosef Dovid and Mrs Rick Hollander and Dr Jeff and Mrs Esther Jaffee.