Welcome to the Bostoner Shul

Rav Naftali Horowitz, the Bostoner Rebbe, shlita

1710 Beacon Street

Brookline, Mass.




For the week beginning Sun 13 August 2017


  • Sign up for the August 22nd ROFEH International volunteer Bar-B-Q (details on the bulletin board)


The Rebbe, shlita, and the Congregation, extend ...

  • Refuah shelaymah wishes to our friends Mrs Leah Bressler, Mrs Sima Laufer, and Rebbetzin Sheva Wieder.
  • Mazal Tov wishes on his Bar Mitzvah to Yehudah Leib Fruchter, his parents Yochanan and Yocheved Fruchter, and grandparents Rabbi Aaron and Mrs Rena Krochmal.
  • Mazal Tov wishes on his recent Bar Mitzvah to Bezalel Zyto and his parents Sacha and Ora Zyto.
  • Mazal Tov wishes on the births of sons to:

               Rabbi Yoni and Mrs Miriam Ganger

               Mrs Levi and Mrs Ilana Grocer

               Mrs and Mrs Yehuda Coriat, and also to grandparents Mrs Moshe and Mrs Ricki Coriat