Dear Congregants, Dear Friends,

With a heavy heart and much sadness, due to the proclamation (please see attached) of our leaders of Orthodox Jewry that all shuls should close their doors, Congregation Bais Pinchas will not be having services at the shul until further notice.

As a precaution to safeguard our health, although we are not able to be davening and learning together in person at this time, we hope to continue with Daf Yomi and davening via zoom hook up and conference calls which will allow us to be together at the same z'man from our own homes.

DAVENING in your home will be via Rabbi Kornbluth's zoom number

This week's schedule:

Shacharis Sunday -Friday approx. 7:50am via Rabbi Kornbluth zoom hook up
Mincha Sunday — Friday 6:50pm
short shiur on Hilchos Pesach Rav Mailich Horowitz
Maariv 7:30pm

Rabbi Yosef Kornbluth's Daf Yomi shiur via zoom

Sunday- Friday 7am
Motzei Shabbos 9pm
Phone number: 646 558 8656 ##
Access code: 399-511-166
Computer access: Via Zoom conference 399511166
The shiur will also be recorded, but the live phone will allow for interactions and questions.

Rabbi Mailich Horowitz Daf Yomi Shiur

Sunday 9:30am
M-Th 8pm
Motzei Shabbos 9pm

Rabbi Mailich Horowitz Daf Yomi via zoom hook up

From a phone, dial 646 558 8656, then give the access code 287-613-0525, #, #
Save it into your phone as 646 558 8656,,2876130525 ## From a computer, go to

For any technical issues, call or text Yosef Kornbluth at 201-663-2536

On Wednesday March 25th there will be a special 6:30pm Mincha for Yom Kippur Katan. There will be an update for collecting maos chitim and selling of chometz next week.

May Hashem watch over us and protect us. May we have a healthy and kosher Pesach.

The Bostoner Rebbe
Rabbi Naftali Horowitz